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Archaeological sites, Museums & more..

Discover the culture of Crete

Archaeological sites

Crete has served as the crossroads between several cultures for centuries. The stunning scenery was alluring to many nations who have left their mark through time, either as visitors or as conquerors. The Archaeological services are in constant effort to uncover, study and conserve them. Aptera, Polyrrhenia, Falasarna, Kissamos, Kydonia and Lissos offer visitors a complete view throughout the area’s history. Temples, tombs, fortifications, reservoirs and mosaics represent the cultural importance that Crete maintained in the Mediterranean.

The district of Chania hosts several museum exhibits that showcase the local culture and the ways the local economy developed through time. The Archaeological Museum of Chania, the Archaeological collection of Kissamos, with the numerous in situ roman mosaics, the Byzantine Collection of Chania, the Naval Museum, the Fisheries Museum in Kolymbari, the Museum of Typography in Souda, the Olive Museum in Vouves and last but definitely not least the Eleftherios Venizelos Residence are there to assist visitors enjoy a genuine timeless, local, experience.

Byzantine, Post-Byzntine, Ottoman and Modern Monuments

The lasting presence of Byzantines, Genoese, Ottomans and other nationals, gave Chania a complex array of religious and other monuments. The unique paleo Christian rotunda in the diocese of Kissamos, the catholic monasteries in Aghia Triada, Gouvernetos and Gonia, the Byzantine and Post Byzantine temples in Kyriakoselia and Apano Floria, the Ottoman mausoleums in Souda, the Castles in Paleohora, Askifou, Gramvousa, the old stone olive mills, as the one in Dromoneor and the school buildings that were constructed within the short era between the two world wars, altogether craft a network of everlasting public buildings.

Areas of Natural Beauty

The District of Chania as well as the rest of the island of Crete are home to a truly biodiverse landscape. Deep Gorges, with the one in Samaria the most famous and accessible, small lakes around mountains, like Kournas, chestnut forests, as in Sempronas, the striking lagoon of Balos and other locations like Elafonisi, are there to from memorable images that will imprint on a visitor’s mind the phenomenal fashion in which Crete simply has everything.


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