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Activities you can enjoy during your holidays in Crete


The district of Chania has a rather extended network of paths and trails that enable visitors to get very close to certain hard to reach areas of natural beauty.


A mountain bike may be the ideal means of transport to stroll around orange and olive groves reach picturesque villages and enjoy the scent of every season.


The extraordinary amount of coves one can "settle" in would make sail an excellent and not even that alternative way to visit them all and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Scuba Diving

Organized scuba centers are ever present and prepared to guide you to the special underwater spots that await to be explored.

Sea Excursions

Board on of the small vessels that will take you around the islands hard to reach beaches and enjoy Crete’s most secluded bays.

Wine and Olive Walks

The tradition of cultivating olive trees and grapevines dates back several centuries in Cretan history. Small wineries, part of the Wines of Crete Association, and olive groves are there to visit and feel closer to the way the excellent quality local produce is made.

Traditional Festivities

Every season comes with a special event that will be celebrated joyously at village squares. Traditional music meets local foods and ensure you’ll be part of unforgettable celebration.


The local cuisine, Mediterranean in nature and Cretan in character, is famed as an elixir of life. Great restaurants are absolutely not hard to find, waiting to introduce you to exceptional tastes that will satisfy your appetite.

Horseback Riding

Schools and instructors at several points of the district are available to train and escort you in a special way to explore the island of Crete unconventionally.


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